Super Ultra Thin Replica Watch

The first impression of this Vacheron Constantin Grey Ultra Thin Replica Watch is that it is simple and masculine. The 40mm watch size is quite satisfactory. The case is made of 316L stainless steel. The outer ring is partly polished and partly drawn, which improves the overall texture and design. The perfect combination of gear shape and base increases the visual aesthetic experience. . The shell of the watch is 8.6mm thick, and the very thin thickness is only 0.1mm different. The overall feel of this watch is very similar to Patek Philippe's Nautilus and Audemars Piguet's 15202.

The workmanship of the XF factory is quite good, and the texture is also very good. The gray panel is almost the same as the counter. There is absolutely no false case. It is a pity that this watch counter is made of 18K white gold while the XF is made of 316 stainless steel. 316L steel and 904L steel are most used in super clone Meteorite Dial Rolex Pepsi.

The ring of Vacheron Constantin Ultra Thin Replica Watch is a structure of upper and lower layers. The upper layer is polished and the lower layer is made of wire drawing. The mirror surface is a sapphire glass mirror without a basket film. The transparency is very good. The XF factory has a mirror transparency. This aspect can be said to be the top level in the industry. The dial surface is a gray dial with radial pattern. Half of the gray surface will have the effect of this radial pattern. This will look very textured. The scale uses a three-dimensional inlaid bar scale. All bars and pointers are also made. A very fine polishing and luminous filling. On the outer ring of the dial, a digital time scale is made behind the nails, which is very shiny and three-dimensional.

Vacheron Constantin Grey Ultra Thin Replica Watch

The case of Super Vacheron Ultra Thin Replica Watch is 8.3 mm (super Ultra Thin rm 055 replica watches), which is less than 1 mm away from the real 7.5 mm. How thin is 1 mm? About the size of a strand of hair. The case of the watch is also made by a large factory, and all details are polished very finely. The strap is also made of 316 stainless steel. The overall feel is very similar to PPF's Patek Philippe Nautilus. The polishing is also the same fine, including the chamfers, and there is a fine polishing without scratching. There is nothing to say about the buckle. It is made by a big factory and has a quick release design with original authentic products. The back is a transparent design. The only drawback may be that the color of the balance wheel is slightly different from the original one. The structure, appearance, and function of the movement are all synchronized with the original ones. The movement adopts the 9015 to change the original movement. The 9015 movement is very accurate. It is stable and has a very low repair rate, so everyone can wear it with confidence.

The luminous light is a very beautiful blue luminous light. The size of this Vacheron Constantin Grey Ultra Thin Replica Watch is 40MM. The design of the dial is very simple. Not to mention the calendar window. It doesn't even have a second hand. It has no other functions besides checking the time and loading. The advantage is that it is durable and it is the favorite of minimalists.

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