"10 Tips For Buying Replica Watches" for consumers to refer to when buying replica watches.

1: Be sure to buy waterproof replica watches
The case must be well-sealed. Some watches with thin cases, especially womens watches, are mostly made of 18K gold and are not waterproof. Such watches are usually pressed on the back cover, and the sealing is not tight. Even dust, fibers and other foreign matter can enter the watch, and it will be troublesome to repair frequently in the future. (For example, hublot replica here, their waterproof performance is very good.)

replica watches waterproof

2: Dont buy gold-plated watch cases and straps
The price of gold nowadays is twice as high. The gold-plated layer of replica watches is by no means thick, at most it will not exceed 10 microns, usually between 3-5 microns, which is very easy to be worn off, and then the watch becomes particularly ugly. Phoenix hair removal is not as good as Chicken is not as pleasing as stainless steel; if it is ion-plated titanium, I am afraid its color is not correct.

3: Steel belt is preferred to solid belt
If it is a replica watches with a steel shell and steel band, it is best to choose a solid strap. The 1:1 version of clone watches is all with a solid strap, which is strong, compact and strong. "It is better to have elastic steel casing or use screw bolts, and it is not easy to come out. If it can be matched with a "butterfly buckle" with a safety device, it will be more "complementary". The opening and closing of the metal strap buckle is related to the comfort and safety of wearing, which is also the most prone to problems in the future.

steel  clasp

4: The fewer additional features of replica watches, the better
Generally speaking, the fewer additional indication functions of replica watches, the better, which is beneficial to improve the timekeeping performance, so if there is no special need and can require a single calendar, do not buy a dual-calendar watch. Many replica watches have monthly calendars as decorations.

5: Be cautious about special-shaped cases
For watches with special-shaped cases, you need to be cautious. You cannot guarantee that the glass will not break in the future, and it is difficult to match the original. If it is a super-arch high-end watch sapphire glass, even if it can be matched, the price is quite expensive. The flat round glass is the easiest to get or substitute.

6: It is not recommended to buy an 18K white gold watch
For replica watches with 18K white gold case, it is not recommended to buy, because most cases and straps of this kind of material look "pale white" and the outermost layer is rhodium-plated. Once the coating is worn off, You will find that the surface is somewhat yellowed, and the appearance of this type of watch cannot be modified and refurbished by polishing. After the yellow leaks, it must be rhodium-plated again.

7: The metal end belt watch should be bought carefully.
Be cautious about replica watches equipped with a special type of leather strap. The so-called special type refers to the metal component of the leather strap, which is wrapped in the strap (this is mainly to achieve a bracelet-like feeling when the watch is worn. Or it is easy to disassemble), or there is a special-shaped cut at the end of the strap. Leather straps (including crocodile skins) are consumables, and they will need to be replaced in about 3-4 years. Special types of leather straps are non-universal and must be replaced by the original factory. The price is scary. Rubber straps are very good. Choose, explain durable, such as richard mille replica, more than 80% are matched with rubber straps!


8: Bracelet belts should be bought carefully.
The replica watches with bracelet straps are also called integrated case straps. The strap is welded to the case, and the strap is also integral, with no sections. This kind of strap is usually cut in a short time. It cant be lengthened if its short. Many need to be re-soldered, which is very complicated. This type is mainly made of 18K gold.

9: Buy ultra-thin and ultra-small replica watches with caution
Regardless of whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, the movement is better, especially the mechanical watch. For example: if the overall time performance of a movement with a diameter of 26 mm, if the evaluation score is 100 points, then the same level and A movement of the brand with a diameter of 20 mm (women's watch movement) can only give a maximum of 70 points for its comprehensive travel time. Ultra-thin watch movement is also thin, and its time performance and reliability are not as good as thicker ones, and its movement parts are also more fragile.

10: Ladies replica watches should be made of quartz as much as possible
The performance of mechanical women's watches is much lower than that of men's watches. The maintenance period is short, and women's activities are less than men's. So you go to the market, such as OMEGA, LONGINES and other Swiss brand replica watches. The vast majority of women's watches are all made of quartz. This is the reason, and the appearance of quartz watches can be made in more varieties and styles, and more beautiful. Men who do not exercise enough and have strict requirements on watch accuracy are also recommended to go to replica watches with quartz movements.